Seeking Shalom | The eCourse

Seeking Shalom | The eCourse

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Conversation: The Lupton Center's Online Community


Join an ever-expanding nationwide network of innovators and practitioners who are participating in Seeking Shalom's online community. As you journey through each of the 6 sessions you will see and interact with the responses of other leaders and learners like yourself.

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MORE INFO: Seeking Shalom is a 6-part series that examines why traditional models for addressing material poverty are not working, builds a biblical framework for understanding poverty and shalom, and outlines the 5 key principles for seeking shalom in your community. This eCourse presents interviews with over two dozen thought leaders ranging from urban ministry veterans, biblical scholars, those who have experienced material poverty, and everyday practitioners who are innovating in their communities. With animations, hours of additional resources, round tables, and more, Seeking Shalom is an incredible dynamic experience for any person or team eager to reimagine the charity paradigm!